Taking a Cab

Taking a Cab

Mike - Standard American Accent
Christy - Australian Accent
Taxi Driver - Indian Accent
Clerk - Norwegian Accent

These audios will improve your ability to understand native English speakers. Listen to these audios several times to get used to different accents of English speakers. When you have understood the dialogue, you may answer the questions.

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Mike is at the airport. He needs to take a taxi downtown for an important meeting.

Clerk: Can I help you, sir?

Mike: Yes, where can I get a taxi downtown?

Clerk: You can get a taxi right outside the terminal. Just follow the signs.

Mike: Thank you very much.

[Outside the Terminal]

Mike: Excuse me, is this where I can get a taxi?

Christy: Yeah, right here. Where are you going?

Mike: I am going downtown. 124 Park Drive. The A&R Building. I have a meeting with some clients.

Christy: Really? My apartment is located next to the A&R Building! Would you like to share a taxi? That way, we can split the fare and save some money.

Mike: Great idea, my name is Mike.

Christy: Nice to meet you Mike, my name is Christy. Oh, here comes a taxi.

[Inside the Taxi]

Taxi Driver: Good Morning. Where would you like to go?

Mike: Downtown, please. 124 Park Drive. The A&R Building.

Taxi Driver: Ok.

Christy: So, where are you from?

Taxi Driver: You talkin' to me?

Christy: No, I'm sorry. I was talking to my friend here.

Mike: I am from New York City. I am here on business.

Christy: What do you do for a living?

Mike: I am an architect.

Christy: How interesting.

Mike: And you? What do you do for a living?

Christy: I work at the Sheraton Hotel on Main Avenue, but today is my day off.

Mike: Really? I am staying at the Sheraton Hotel on Main Avenue!

Christy: Wow, How long are you staying in Miami?

Mike: Well, I am leaving for New York tomorrow afternoon. Would you like to have dinner with me tonight? Maybe you could show me around the city.

Christy: Sure. That would be nice.

Mike: Well, here is my cell phone number. If you aren't doing anything tonight, give me a call.

Christy: Ok, sounds good.

Taxi Driver: Here we are. This is the A&R Building. That's $8.50.

Christy: Ok, 5 dollars each.

Mike: Here you go, sir. You can keep the change.

Taxi Driver: Thank you very much.

  1. Mike is an from .
  2. Christy says that today is her .
  3. Mike lets the taxi driver keep his .