Mr. Jones Goes to the Dentist

Mr. Jones Goes to the Dentist

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Receptionist: Hello, Dr. Dre's Dentistry Office. Marisa speaking. How can I help you?

Tom Jones: Hi, my name is Tom Jones. That's Jones. J-O-N-E-S. I would like to make an appointment with Dr. Dre.  

Receptionist: Ok, Mr. Jones. Is this your first time visiting Dr. Dre?

Tom Jones: No, I came in last year to have a cavity filled.

Receptionist: Ok. And your reason for this visit?

Tom Jones: I would like to have my teeth cleaned.

Receptionist: Ok, great. When would you like to come in?

Tom Jones: Well, I am busy this entire week, but I am free next week. Anytime after 1 PM would be perfect.

Receptionist: Well, Dr. Dre will be on vacation next week. How about the following week?

Tom Jones: Ok, that sounds good.

Receptionist: Let's see. How about the 28th of February at 3 PM?

Tom Jones: That sounds fantastic. February 28th at 3 PM. I will write it down right now.

Receptionist: Ok, Mr. Jones. We will see you then.  

Tom Jones: Great, thanks a lot. Goodbye.

  1. Dr. Dre is .
  2. Tom Jones wants to  .
  3. Dr. Dre will be on next week.  
  4. Tom Jones makes an appointment for 28th to see Dr. Dre.