Doctor's Appointment

Doctor's Appointment

Alex - Standard American Accent
Receptionist - Australian Accent

These audios will improve your ability to understand native English speakers. Listen to these audios several times to get used to different accents of English speakers. When you have understood the dialogue, you may answer the questions.

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Receptionist: Dr. Williamson's office. How can I help you?

Alex: Hello, my name is Alex Brown. I would like to make an appointment with Dr. Williamson.

Receptionist: Ok, will this be your first visit with Dr. Williamson?

Alex: No, I visited Dr. Williamson last year when I tripped and fell down the stairs and broke my leg.

Receptionist: Oh, Alex. Now, I remember you. This is Wendy, the secretary. How is your leg doing?

Alex: Oh, hi Wendy. Well, it's fine, but I had another accident.

Receptionist: I see. Well, when would you like to come in? Dr. Williamson is free next week. Oh let's see here, Monday at 11:00. That's Monday, the 17th at 11:00am. How is that?

Alex: Well, I have singing lessons on Monday, but I am free on Tuesday at that time.

Receptionist: Well, Dr. Williamson has an appointment at 11:00 on Tuesday, but he is free after 2:00pm. How about 2:30pm on Tuesday, the 18th?

Alex: That sounds good to me. Tuesday, the 18th at 2:30pm.

Receptionist: Ok, Alex. If there is a problem and you cannot come at that time, be sure to call me and we can schedule another time. Ok?

Alex: Ok, Wendy. I will. See you then.

Receptionist: Ok, goodbye.

  1. Alex is calling and is speaking to the secretary.
  2. Alex can't come on Monday because he has .
  3. Alex will see the doctor on , the 18th.